Food Safety

Food safety and hygiene is an important regulatory function of Council.

Devonport City Council is committed to ensuring that businesses that prepare and have foods for public sale and consumption meet the requirements of the Food Act 2003, appropriate State and National standards and legislation.

Council has the capacity to provide basic Food Hygiene training for Devonport businesses that would like their employees to update or refresh their food safety and hygiene knowledge and skills. Enquiries may be made by contacting Council’s Environmental Health Team on 03 6424 0511.

For the cost of training please refer to Devonport City Council’s Fees and Charges.

The Environmental Health Department is also happy to provide educational information and advice to businesses regarding food safety and hygiene on 03 6424 0511.

Food Safety Courses

There are a number of providers of food safety training available.  A link to a free course is available here.