Illegal Building Works

Illegal building covers not only new structures and additions, but the change of use of a building, such as turning a shed or garage into a rumpus room or habitable building.

If building work has been started/completed without approval, a Building Notice or Order will be issued to the current owner which will lead to one of the following: Demolition, or Substantial Compliance. The following steps and payment of fees will be required:

  • Plans by an accredited designer
  • Planning Permit (from Council) may be required – up to 6 weeks for approval
  • Building Surveyor Assessment – issue an application for Certificate of Substantial Compliance
  • Building and Plumbing Permits  (from council)
  • Inspections – to be completed by the Building Surveyor and Plumbing Surveyor
  • Completion / Legalisation of illegal building work

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