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BEST STREET (between BEST STREET and FORMBY ROAD) from 23/09/2020 to 23/09/2021

Devonport City Council


Temporary Closure Of Public Street


Building Construction (Scaffolding) – 23/09/2020 – 23/09/2021


The following closures will apply for the conduct of Building Construction (Scaffolding) on the 23/09/2020 to the 23/09/2021:




Any Council car parks that are accessed from roads listed above will also be closed


These roads will be closed continuously from the start date and time to the end date and time


It would be appreciated if this closure could be noted.


Please note that emergency services will be granted access if required.


This closure will depend on the weather and may be postponed to another date if unable to be completed on the day.