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Beauty in the beast paste-up mural by statewide students

A collaborative mural by more than 200 students across the State has seen the outside walls of the Devonport Regional Gallery donned in an exquisite beast paste-up mural.

Devonport Regional Gallery Director Geoff Dobson said the 2021 Exquisite Tidal Beast Paste-Up Mural Project, is the result of the surrealist collaborative drawing game known as “exquisite corpse”.

Mr Dobson said the mural, coordinated by the Gallery’s Creative Learning and Public Programs Officer Eve Williams, saw students from across the State take part in the project.

“Each person takes turns drawing the head, torso or feet section, then folds and passes the page onto the next person,” Mr Dobson said.

“Without seeing what has been drawn the next person continues drawing the   proceeding section of the beast until the three sections are complete. The results are disjointed creatures made up of different artists imaginations and impressions.”

Mural coordinator Mrs Williams said the project was designed to create water dwelling beasts and coincided with the tidal.20 festival at the gallery.

“I really enjoyed seeing all the weird and wonderful creations of peoples’ imaginations coming together to create the original art works,” she said.

“Although there are around 200 drawings in the mural, no two are the same. Seeing them all together on the wall is a great visual display of the creativity in our community and state, and I hope all those who contributed beasties to the project are proud of their mural.”

Mrs Williams said the mural was revealed to the public as part of RANT’s Youth Week programming last week.

For more information visit the Home Is Where the ‘Art Is project at www.paranapleartscentre.com.au/events/home-is-where-the-art-is-exquisite-tidal-beasts-mural-paste-ups-project/ [1]

Photo: Devonport Regional Gallery’s Creative Learning and Public Programs Officer Eve Williams with the new Exquisite Tidal Beast Paste-Up Mural Project, which saw more than 200 Tasmania students involved in drawing the artwork.


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