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Bass Strait Maritime Centre reopening Thursday, 1 October 2020

The reopening of the Bass Strait Maritime Centre has been scheduled for Thursday 1 October 2020 to align with the expected increase in tourist and visitor numbers.
The Centre is one of Devonport’s significant cultural facilities, and Council appreciate that many people in our community are looking forward to when the facility will reopen.
Staff at the facility have been working tirelessly throughout the temporary closure, undertaking much needed work on the historic and social history collections in the care of the Centre.
Convention and Art Centre Director, Geoff Dobson said, “Staff have been regularly posting content to social media channels, providing behind the scenes insight into the extent of the collections.” This practice will continue throughout the extended closure period.
An online shop has also been launched via the Bass Strait Maritime Centre website, through which people can purchase many of the items available in the retail section of the Centre.
The on-site café, Marion Storm remains open for business 7 days per week.
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