Plumbing Forms and Guides

Plumbing Forms

3 - Application for Plumbing Permit/Certificate of Likely Compliance(DOCX, 980KB)
35 - Certificate of Responsible Designer(DOCX, 985KB)
60 - Start Work Notification and Authorisation - Plumbing Work(DOCX, 979KB)
71B - Standard of Work Certificate - Plumbing Work(DOCX, 178KB)
76B - Application for Extension of Duration of Plumbing Permit(DOCX, 177KB)
77 - Notice for Emergency Work(DOCX, 175KB)
80 - Notice of Low Risk Work(DOCX, 980KB)

Plumbing Guides

From 1 January 2017 Tasmania will have new laws regulating building and plumbing work, licensing of people in the building industry and residential building contracts. Find out more about the changes with this Guide for Plumbers - Building Act 2016(PDF, 1MB)

Director's Determination - Categories of Plumbing Work(PDF, 1MB)
Director's Determination of Certificates by Qualified Persons for Assessable Items(PDF, 291KB)
Director's Specified List(PDF, 10MB)
Guideline for Determining Plumbing Categories(PDF, 90KB)

Plumbing Flow Charts

Notifiable Plumbing Work Flow Chart(PDF, 72KB)
Permit Plumbing Work Flow Chart(PDF, 86KB)