Food Businesses


Food Businesses

Food safety and hygiene is an important regulatory function of Council. Devonport City Council is committed to ensuring that businesses that prepare and have foods for public sale and consumption meet the requirements of the Food Act 2003 and all appropriate State and National standards and legislation.

The types of food and where the food will be sold from is a determining factor in which type of registration is necessary. There are three types of registration; Notification of a Food Business, Temporary Food Premises and Food Registration.

Council's Environmental Health Officers are available to discuss and assist food businesses to select and fill in the correct paper-work and/or help with advice on the design, layout and establishment of new businesses or kitchen up-grades.

Regulation of food businesses includes unannounced inspections for compliance with the appropriate state and national standards and legislation. Serious non-compliances may result in warnings, improvement notices, fines, even prohibition orders or legal action taken against the business.

Notification of a Food Business

Businesses and individuals that sell pre-packaged, shelf stable foods that are not processed (cut, handled or prepared in any way) and that do not require temperature control are required to simply notify Council of their intention to trade by completing a Food Business Notification Form(PDF, 156KB).

There is no charge for a Notification, however, the appropriate paper-work must be filled in and approved by Devonport City Council before trading may commence.

Temporary Food Premises

This type of registration includes businesses or individuals that wish to sell foods from temporary locations such as stalls, sausage sizzles, fairs and markets. Generally the food types sold are higher risk foods which are not pre-packaged, shelf stable and will require temperature control.

Charges apply for this type of registration in accordance with Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges(PDF, 267KB).  Registered charities may receive Temporary Food Registration for free.

To obtain a Temporary Food Permit you will need to complete this form(PDF, 122KB).

You will also need to comply with the Guidelines for Temporary Food Stalls.

An annual state-wide Temporary Food Premises Licence option is also available.  You must register with your home Council and notify any relevant Council of all intended activities (ie. you may be registered with Devonport City Council but if you attend an event or market within another municipality you are required to also notify them of your intended operation).

Food Registration

This type of registration applies to cafes, restaurants, takeaway shops, home occupations, food vans, clubs and other similar businesses. The registration period runs from 1 July to 30 June, with annual fees are based on Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges(PDF, 267KB).

You will need to complete a Food Business Registration Application Form(PDF, 118KB).

For further information or advice you can contact Council’s Environmental Health Department on 03 6424 0511.

Food Safety

For detailed information about food safety please visit our Food Safety page.