Building Forms and Guides

Building Forms

1- Application for Demolition Permit(DOCX, 178KB)
2 - Application for Building Permit/Certificate of Likely Compliance(DOCX, 983KB)
6 - Notice of Proposed Protection Work(DOCX, 980KB)
9 - Application - Permit of Substantial Compliance(DOCX, 84KB)
35 - Certificate of Responsible Design(DOCX, 985KB)
39 - Start Work Notification and Authorisation - Building Work(DOCX, 979KB)
42 - Request for Report from Environmental Health Officer(DOCX, 979KB)
46 - Schedule of Maintenance - Prescribed Features(DOCX, 990KB)
53 - Notice of Intention to Install Heating Device(DOCX, 172KB)
54 - Heating Appliance Installation Compliance Certificate(DOCX, 175KB)
57 - Application for Building Certificate(DOCX, 174KB)
71A - Standard of Work Certificate - Building Work(DOCX, 979KB)
71C - Standard of Work Certificate - Demolition Work(DOCX, 981KB)
72C - Application for Certificate of Completion - Demolition Work(DOCX, 176KB)
76A - Application for Extension of Duration of Building Permit(DOCX, 979KB)
76C - Application for Extension of Duration of Demolition Permit(DOCX, 40KB)
77 - Notice for Emergency Work(DOCX, 175KB)
80 - Notice of Low Risk Work(DOCX, 980KB)

Building Guides

Director's Determination - Referral to a Function Control Authority(PDF, 226KB)
Director's Determination - Fire Hazard Materials(PDF, 118KB)
Directors_Determination_-_Categories_of_Building_and_Demolition_Work_v1.3_July_2017.pdf(PDF, 489KB)
Director's Determination of Qualified Persons for Assessable Items(PDF, 291KB)
Directors-Specified-List.pdf(PDF, 10MB)
Directors Determination Application of Requirements - Building in Bushfire Prone Areas(PDF, 2MB)
Directors Determination Maintenance of Essential Building Services(PDF, 209KB)

Building Flow Charts

Building Permit Flow Chart(PDF, 100KB)
Determine Building Permit Flow Chart(PDF, 120KB)
(PDF, 102KB)Low Risk Building Work Flow Chart(PDF, 78KB)
Notifiable Building Work Flow Chart(PDF, 102KB)
Notifiable Demolition Work Flow Chart(PDF, 92KB)
Permit Demolition Work Flow Chart(PDF, 108KB)