Strategy to develop a City of learners

Published on 20 November 2015


The launch of the Devonport Learning Communities Strategy “Live & Learn”  sets a new direction for Devonport; establishing a solid foundation of life-long learning which is expected to influence the future development, enterprise and innovation in the region.

The City’s first Learning Communities Strategy has been developed over the past three years by over 150 representatives from the education, community, industry, youth and government sectors, steered by the Devonport Learning Communities Special Interest Group.

Devonport Mayor, Alderman Steve Martin said the aim of the Strategy is to improve the learning, training and employment outcomes for the community and that bringing “Live & Learn” to reality was a significant community achievement.

“By embracing learning as a community we believe that we’ll be prepared to take advantage of the many opportunities which are set to come our way over the next decade” said Mayor Martin.

“In a region characterised by high unemployment, we realised that if we were to improve employment outcomes for the community, that a whole of community approach to lifelong learning was needed” said Mayor Martin.

“Flexibility in our approach and addressing barriers for business to participate in learning programs will also be vitally important in the roll-out of the Strategy”.  

“The Devonport Community Live & Learn Strategy is also about embedding learning into our everyday activities and achieving a co-ordinated approach to planning and the allocation of funding for the provision of learning resources in the region”.

“We’ve got the vision, now it’s about having dialogue with the community to get their feedback and hear their ideas about how we can go about progressing the Strategy and realising the vision of Devonport becoming a ‘learning City’ said Mayor Martin.


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