Mayor's Message - 14th March 2017

Published on 14 March 2017

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Mayor Martin It was a pleasure to visit with Ms Mitchell’s Grade 3 Class at Our Lady of Lourdes to talk about success, failure and how someone can learn from the experiences. The student’s questions were very thought provoking and certainly made me reflect on not only my personal life’s journey, but, also that of our city.

Resulting from years of discussion between the small townships on either side of the Mersey River, Torquay and Formby, along with Appledore & Wivenhoe, finally amalgamated in 1890 to form the township of Devonport. Access to either side of the Mersey was still via barge and ferry right up until 1902 when the Victoria Bridge was built. The railway followed, then electricity, television an airport, a roll on roll off ferry terminal on the eastern bank, a new double lane bridge, became a city in 1981, the mall, internet and much more in between. What is common amongst these happenings is that they can be viewed as right or wrong decisions, for instance the placement of the railway (western side) or the ferry terminal (eastern side) have been heavily debated over time, but the thing here is that all are progressive and we as a community continually grow, learn and adjust to meet current and future needs. We cannot afford to dwell on past decisions, rather we should learn from them and continue to be progressive.

The same goes for our own failures, we learn from them, pick ourselves up, keep believing in ourselves and others, be confident, turn failure into success, remain positive, and most of all be progressive because if you are not, someone else will be.

Thank you to all Ms Mitchell’s students - I thoroughly enjoyed talking with you.