Mayor's Message - 07 May 2019

Published on 07 May 2019

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Deputy Mayor Annette Rockliff

The recovery and recycling of all waste in Devonport is on the rise, according to the latest figures in the year one progress report for Council’s 2018-2023 Waste Strategy.

 In 2017-2018 19.8 per cent of all household waste was recycled, the best result for three financial years.

It led to a decrease of 424 tonnes in the total waste delivered to landfill, also the lowest amount since 2014-2015.

 The purpose of the Strategy is to reduce the financial and environmental impacts of waste generation.


Work on the Mersey Bluff Pedestrian Links project is due to start this month.

It involves the implementation of the high priority actions from the Mersey Bluff Traffic, Parking and Pedestrian Study undertaken in 2018.

The work will improve pedestrian access across Bluff Road, making crossing the road safer and accessible to all.

It will include new pedestrian crossing facilities between Meercoft Park and the Mersey Bluff and on Bluff Road near Clements Street.

New and improved signage for pedestrian and road users will also be installed.

Work is expected to begin in May.


Four contractors will be asked to tender to construct the LIVING CITY Waterfront Park.

The contractors are:

  • Vos Construction and Joinery Pty Ltd
  • Fairbrother Pty Ltd
  • Fulton Hogan Construction Pty Ltd
  • Hazel Bros Group Pty Ltd

The LIVING CITY Waterfront Park site is bounded by Rooke Street, Best Street, Mussel Rock and the Mersey River.

The public open space aims to create an interactive parkland from Rooke Street to the river edge, based around three main spines - or promenades - providing clear visual lines between the city centre and the river.

An evaluation committee assessment recommended that all four proceed to the second stage of the tender process, which will involve them preparing a lump sum tender submission.

Being one of four still gives tenderers confidence they have a genuine chance of success and therefore the motivation to commit the necessary resources whilst giving Council the confidence of a competitive pricing outcome.

Cr Annette Rockliff



Cr Annette Rockliff