The Junction - Devonport's dedicated Youth Space

The Junction is a one stop shop for young people (12 - 24yrs) from Devonport and surrounds.  Our aim is to build resilience in young people and help build a healthier community.

Youth, Family and Community Connections Inc. (YFCC) is the lead agent and coordinator of the building that sees young people accessing a range of services and organisations daily. Collaborating with a large variety of services, we are continually working to identify and address gaps or challenges for Devonport's youth.

YFCC are able to utilise the Junction through a valued and supportive partnership with Devonport City Council. We also collaborate to deliver events and school holiday activities. 


Current services based at the Junction and available to young people and the community at no-cost include:

The Junction HUB

A unique service that works with young people to help them identify the areas where they want help or support and then acts as a conduit into those services. The JunctionHUB is kept relevant by a youth steering group which is always seeking new members.

  • Contact: 6424 7353 or drop in!
  • Come in : Wednesday afternoon activities 3-5pm
  • Find out about other activities: follow us on Facebook
Youth Alcohol & Drug Service

This service offers support, counselling and information to individuals and their families to help them overcome drug and alcohol problems.

The Service also provides education sessions and capacity building/ resilience programs in schools so young people can make informed choices about issues that affect their health and well-being.

  • Contact: 6424 7353
  • Come in: Intake on Tuesdays
  • Find out about other activities:

The National youth mental health initiative offers counselling, intervention and support to young people (12-24yrs) who are experiencing mental health issues.

Other Services

The Junction is also accessed by a broad range of other services offering young people support in the areas of sexual health, disabilities, education, employment and legal matters to list just a few.