Concession Parking


If you're a Devonport resident receiving an aged, service or disability pension and also the registered owner of a vehicle, you are entitled to eight (8) hours free parking per month.

To arrange for your Concession Parking Voucher please visit Council's Best Street Offices.  You'll need to provide proof of your address, your pension status and a copy of your vehicle registration papers.

If you are unsure of your eligibility please contact us by phone on 03 6424 0511 or online.

How Concession Parking Works

  • Vouchers must be completed in ink, clearly stating the day, time and date parked
  • Vouchers will be invalid if altered
  • Vouchers are valid only during the month of use and any unused vouchers will be void
  • The voucher booklet must be displayed correctly with the car registration clearly visible
  • Vouchers for the current month must remain attached to the booklet
  • Vouchers are subject to the same time restrictions and conditions applicable to all users of Council car parks and street metered spaces

Concession Parking Vouchers Conditions of Use

To ensure a fair system for all, we request that you observe the following conditions:

  • Failure to comply with the conditions of use will result in a parking infringement notice being issued and remaining vouchers may be cancelled
  • Eight one hour vouchers are issued for each month
  • Each voucher entitles the person, to whom they are issued, free parking in any Council car park (except for the Best Street car park) or in any street metered parking space, subject to the same conditions applied to all users of Council car parks and metered spaces
  • One set of vouchers will be issued each calendar year to the eligible applicant
Council Operated Car Parks
  • Any number of one hour vouchers may be used consecutively in the car parks, subject to the car park time limit
  • A three hour time limit applies to the Formby Road and Edward Street car parks
  • Please refer to the signage in the car parks
Parking Meters
  • All parking meters in Devonport generally have a one hour time limit, except for Macfie Street and Wenvoe Streets which have a two hour time limit
  • Your vehicle must be moved after this time