Public input sought on planned stormwater strategy

Submissions closed on 06 May 2019, 04:00 PM


The Devonport City Council adopted a Stormwater Strategy in 2012 and has scheduled a review for this year given the significant legislative changes which have occurred over the last seven years.

There have also been changes to Council’s internal structure, personnel and processes during that time.

Several significant rain events have also occurred during the period including the 2016 floods.

A copy of the Stormwater Strategy 2012 can be found here(PDF, 1MB).

The review is required to develop a Stormwater Strategy 2019-2023 which will provide clear guidelines to Council for the long-term management of the stormwater system.

The Stormwater Strategy 2019-2023 document aims to:

  • Ensure Council’s compliance with legislation, notably the Urban Drainage Act 2013
  • Provide a clear and transparent method of prioritising capital expenditure
  • Ensure consistency and fairness in implementation of development controls
  • Consider climate change impacts
  • Align with the expectations of the community (level of service)
  • Align with Council’s Stormwater Asset Management Strategy
  • Align with Stormwater System Management Planning Guideline by Local Government Tasmania

You are welcome to provide feedback in relation to the proposed strategy in the Discussions link below.

 Feedback will be accepted until 4 pm Monday 6 May 2019.