Maritime and Heritage Special Interest Group

The Devonport Maritime and Heritage Special Interest Group meet bi-monthly.  One of their key priorities is to collectively explore cultural tourism opportunities for Devonport, which includes Home Hill, the Julie Burgess and the Bass Strait Maritime Centre.

The Group also:

  •  Provide input into strategic Maritime and Heritage plans, programs, infrastructure and services (e.g. input into feasibility studies, business plans, collection storage etc);
  • Provide input into the strategic direction of the Bass Strait Maritime Centre, the historic Ketch the Julie Burgess and Home Hill;
  • Provide input and advise on related tourism development and marketing, promotion and raising awareness of initiatives and services;
  • Act as ambassadors for Devonport’s rich Maritime and Heritage places of interest and initiatives of Council, actively advocating on behalf of and promoting initiatives, partnerships and collections at local, state and national levels;
  • Raise awareness of the Bass Strait Maritime Centre, the Julie Burgess, Home Hill and other attractions within the City;
  • Engage the local Devonport and regional community in exhibitions, activities and programs, and actively promote the history services offered at the local history hub (Bass Strait Maritime Centre);
  • Support Council efforts to attract funding and other resources in accordance with identified needs and the strategic direction;
  • Establish a friends group for the Devonport Maritime and Heritage Special Interest Group, to assist and support operations and activities of facilities and services;
  • Provide input and feedback as required on collection management.