Learning Communities Special Interest Group

The Learning Communities Special Interest Group meets monthly and has collectively developed the Devonport Community Live & Learn Strategy(PDF, 2MB).  The group comprises key organisations and persons coming together to learn how to invent new responses to challenges the community face. 

They also:

  • Work with all key stakeholders involved in education and learning initiatives to develop improved understanding and appreciation within the community of the value of learning e.g. Development of a learning community framework;
  • Enable a collaborative approach by actively assisting with the development of existing and new partnerships between key stakeholders, including educators, community organisations, business and Council;
  • Promote existing learning opportunities within the community;
  • Encourage the sharing of information, skills, knowledge and resources to support ongoing learning for the community;
  • Seek and identify new learning opportunities;
  • Identify any obstacles to achieving better learning outcomes and developing strategies to address them through engagement and consultation with stakeholders;
  • Ensure the shared learning goals of all stakeholders, including those identified in the Devonport City Council Strategic Plan are achieved through regular review and consultation.

Learn more about the Devonport Community Live & Learn Strategy:

The Aldermen representatives on the Learning Communities Special Interest Group is Mayor Steve Martin.  Alderman Alison Jarman is proxy.

Festival of Learning

During September 2016 a Festival of Learning will be held around Devonport, offering over 35 different learning events and activities. You can check out the program here.