Devonport Regional Gallery Special Interest Group

The Devonport Regional Gallery Special Interest Group meets bi-monthly. One of their major projects is the delivery of the biennial Tidal: National Art Award.

The Group also work collectively to:

  • Identify the strategic needs/issues and direction of the Devonport Regional Gallery’s plans, programs, infrastructure and services (e.g. Deductible Gift Recipient status, input into feasibility studies, business plans, collection storage etc);
  • Provide input and advise on art related policy development;
  • Consider recommendations from the Gallery Director for the acquisition of art works;
  • Act as ambassadors for the Gallery, actively advocating on behalf of and promoting the Gallery initiatives and the permanent art collection at local, state and national levels;
  • Raise awareness of the Gallery’s potential as a visitor attraction and cultural hub within the City;
  • Engage the local Devonport and regional community in Gallery exhibitions, activities and programs;
  • Support the Council efforts to attract funding and other resources in accordance with identified needs and the strategic direction of the Gallery;
  • Provide advice and support to Gallery Director and staff.

The Alderman representative on the Devonport Regional Gallery Special Interest Group is Alderman Alison Jarman.