Council Policies


Asset Management Policy(PDF, 191KB)

Audio Recording Policy(PDF, 176KB)

Boundary Fencing Policy(PDF, 188KB)

Code for Contracts & Tenders(PDF, 1MB)

Commemorative Seat Policy(PDF, 297KB)

Community, Childcare & Commercial Lease Policy(PDF, 186KB)

Community Engagement Policy(PDF, 194KB)

Complaint Handling Policy(PDF, 205KB)

Council Committees Policy(PDF, 231KB)

Credit Card Policy(PDF, 181KB)

Customer Service Charter(PDF, 194KB)


Dealing with Difficult Customers Policy(PDF, 188KB)

Dilapidated Buildings Policy(PDF, 562KB)

Dog Management Policy(PDF, 1MB)

Driveway Policy(PDF, 235KB)

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) & Diversity Policy(PDF, 188KB)

Financial Assistance Policy(PDF, 217KB)

Fitness for Work Policy(PDF, 681KB)

Gifts and Benefits Policy
(PDF, 364KB)

Harassment, Bullying & Anti-Discrimination Policy(PDF, 233KB)

Investment Policy(PDF, 190KB)


Model Code of Conduct Policy(PDF, 386KB) and Local Government Code of Conduct - Flowchart(PDF, 151KB)

Payment of Aldermen's Allowances, Expenses & Provision of Facilities Policy(PDF, 211KB)

Permanent Art Collection Policy(PDF, 236KB)

Personal Information Protection Policy(PDF, 230KB)

Public Interest Disclosures Act(PDF, 727KB)

Public Question Time Policy(PDF, 185KB)

Purchasing Policy(PDF, 717KB)

Rates & Charges Policy(PDF, 208KB)

Recruitment & Selection Policy(PDF, 236KB)

Related Parties Disclosure Policy(PDF, 441KB)

Rooke Street Mall Policy(PDF, 189KB)

Sponsorship Policy(PDF, 298KB)

Sport and Recreation Groups Lease Policy
(PDF, 194KB)

Street Trading Policy(PDF, 873KB)

Stormwater Connection Policy(PDF, 255KB)

Subdivision Maintenance Bond Policy(PDF, 183KB)

Subdivision Outstanding Works Bond Policy(PDF, 187KB)

Tree Policy(PDF, 166KB)